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Here's my inbox sorted by "From" after I clicked on the From column header: Here the "From" column header has changed color, and now has the arrow indicating the direction of the sort.

You'll constantly feel criticised for your renegade style, which can frighten well-behaved Cap. Capricorn can't even go to dinner without making a reservation. Although you like your rules and traditions, Aquarius' wiring feels downright robotic to you.

Family Features One of my proudest moments as a father was taking my three-year old daughter trick-or-treating last Halloween.

She was dressed as Spider-Man and was visibly thrilled to be squeezed into a miniature jump-suit with fake muscles and a polystyrene six pack.

A stray click can do that, and a not-so-stray click can fix it.

I don't know what I did but for some reason my emails are out of order; they're not in chronological order. Please tell me how I can reset my the order of my emails.

Life More than 100,000 pilgrims are set to descend on a small Co Mayo village between August 14 and 22 for the annual novena at Knock shrine, where 15 people reported seeing a divine apparition on a rainy August evening in... In just three years, this small shrine on the periphery of Europe has raised a whopping €13.4m in donations and pledges to finance a much-needed structural and spiritual revamp.You're both high achievers but workaholic Capricorn is married to the job. In relationships, you're all warmth and heart - with a side of vintage champagne and French chocolates. 21) The seductive game-playing is undeniably hot in this combination with both of you volleying naughty Snapchats and sexting throughout the day. You thought this was a cool flirtation and you just want to "see what happens." Scorpio demands exclusivity and fidelity before you even kiss.You may feel like you're in a polyamorous relationship with Capricorn's boss - and good luck getting that Recommended Daily Allowance of attention every Aries needs. Aquarius operates on a confusing paradox of logic and rebellion - and they're far too egalitarian (and after a few dates, cheap) to pay for your luxe indulgences. With their willpower and manipulative charm, you'll quickly become the sub to their dom.Archer's insane social (and travel) schedule will clash with your nesting instincts and longing for one-on-one time. You could literally lose your foothold in reality staying up til' dawn with this nocturnal creature. Libra speaks in "call me maybes." Before you can relax and get intimate, you need know that a relationship is actually heading somewhere. And they refuse to be rushed into a romantic entanglement. But results-driven Virgo is on a constant self-improvement mission while you prefer to view the world through a rosier lens. 19)Don't date: Aries (March 21–April 19) Aries is the zodiac's infant and you're the provider sign. Unless you're searching for a sugar baby, this combo could quickly turn into a romance-killing dependency. 18)Don't date: Taurus (April 20–May 20) As much as you admire Taurus' romantic fervour, their passionate intensity could leave your levelheaded sign mystified - if not overwhelmed and catatonic.When you're baring your soul, Sagittarius cracks a joke - and won't understand why certain things (like spending time with family) are a big deal to you. But beneath the fantasy-fuelled veneer, Pisces' somber moods can get stormy and depressive. 22)Don't date: Libra (September 23-October 22) At last! Your patience will wear thinner than angel hair pasta, bringing out the frustrated mean girl in you - not a good look, Virgo! You'll feel rushed by their demands for action and certainty - and henpecked by "Coach Virgo's" meddling (and unyielding) self-improvement tips. 21)Don't date: Cancer (June 21–July 22) Cultured, epicurean Cancers make great hanging buddies but keep them in the friend zone. Even if you are both rainmakers, entitled Aries may feel perfectly justified spending your hard-earned fortune while hoarding theirs. You just can't understand why they need to hear "I love you" with every text or get insecure when you plan a friend hangout without them.